Double Room, Non-Refundable

Trish and Irene arrive at their hotel exhausted and feel like resting. They are annoyed by the excessively helpful concierge, who insists on showing them to their room. When Irene goes to the shower and Trish starts unpacking, the room attendant arrives. It’s a young guy named Keith who noticed the new guests and would […]

Dominate me: The houseguest

Angela and Kirk love getting together from time to time: her call is all it takes for David to start getting ready, making sure he does not upset his favorite mistress. Once of those days Angela shows up after giving a heads up phone call, only to discover David has a house guest. This does […]

The Sex Shop Story: Don’t Toy With Dildos!

Two friends Taylor and Jen are enjoying a nice warm day. When things get hot and they start kissing right in the middle of the street, the girls notice a sex shop they have never seen before. Curious about what they could find in there, they decide to come inside, but there is no one […]

Sign For Your Delivery. Part 1.

Jeremy and Martha are married and always manage to come up with new ways to have fun… One morning when Martha is out, her husband gets to sign for a delivery. The delivery is this large wooden box, and Jeremy has no clue what could possible be in there. Until he gives his wife a […] Action!

When a young girl Molly is bored and all by herself taking a hot shower, exploring her own pussy, her overjoyed husband runs in telling her there is a great idea. Molly is excited to find out she could be doing the same things she usually fantasizes about, but in real life and for thousands […]

The Infernal Convent: The Sinner

The Infernal Convent is a very decent convent with its rules and punishment for the ungodly deeds. This is exactly what’s coming to one of the young nuns – Sister Temperance, which is discovered in her cell fingering her pussy with a passion she never displayed when praying. Terrified, she is taken down to the […]

Adelle’s Submission experience. Part 2.

Having found a perfect Mistress, Adelle is enjoying her company, especially when she’s giving her some obedience training at lunchtime. One of those days, a friend of Beatrice (Adelle’s Mistress) comes by hoping to have a romantic evening. Instead, he is up for a submission/domination surprise and gets a chance to take most active part […]

A Whore Gig: The Lonely Bride

After marrying a man she is in love with, partly because he knows how to woo a woman, Trish is enjoying their brisk ride in a BMW cabriolet. Their thoughts are the same, and so Trish and Brent make a stop to enjoy each other in the middle of the nowhere. They are having a […]

You Can Call Me Mistress

Nina is left in charge of her old friend’s daughter Tonya, who has got quite a temper. As Nina is trying to make herself comfortable watching TV, the girl seems to piss her off intentionally with loud music and quite some attitude. Nina, not being shy at all, leaves the room having a perfect plan […]

Adelle’s Submission experience. Part 1.

Adelle is a young pretty girl who dreams about submission. She can’t get enough of it, but only in her mind, until one lucky day when she comes across a personal ad calling for a female slave ready to commit and serve the Mistress. Adelle arrives at the house on the same day and finally […]