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Sign For Your Delivery. Part 1.

Thursday, July 26th, 2012

Jeremy and Martha are married and always manage to come up with new ways to have fun… One morning when Martha is out, her husband gets to sign for a delivery. The delivery is this large wooden box, and Jeremy has no clue what could possible be in there. Until he gives his wife a call and learns it’s a surprise. Impatient for his wife to come home, Jeremy opens the box in the garage and discovers a gorgeous girl still wearing her veil as if she just came from her own wedding. The new slave his wife purchased is so irresistible and so disobedient, Jeremy is unable to resist the temptation and starts teaching her good manners. Trish will have to eat out of a doggie bowl and will be fucked ruthlessly with the noose around her neck… Of course, this is only the beginning, as the real fund starts when the Mrs. joins them… Continues here! Action!

Monday, July 16th, 2012

When a young girl Molly is bored and all by herself taking a hot shower, exploring her own pussy, her overjoyed husband runs in telling her there is a great idea. Molly is excited to find out she could be doing the same things she usually fantasizes about, but in real life and for thousands of viewers watching her every move. All they need is a webcam and a great idea, and those ideas start pouring out as soon as they start, which means young Molly will have many different tasks to keep the audience entertained, which does not make it any less enjoyable for her!

The Infernal Convent: The Sinner

Thursday, July 12th, 2012

The Infernal Convent is a very decent convent with its rules and punishment for the ungodly deeds. This is exactly what’s coming to one of the young nuns – Sister Temperance, which is discovered in her cell fingering her pussy with a passion she never displayed when praying.


Terrified, she is taken down to the convent’s dungeon where Mother Johanna and Sister Camille are going to help her deal with her sinful desires and clear her of the sin staining her immortal soul, using exquisite equipment and excellent knowledge of laws of nature. Join Now And Enjoy

Adelle’s Submission experience. Part 2.

Sunday, July 1st, 2012

Having found a perfect Mistress, Adelle is enjoying her company, especially when she’s giving her some obedience training at lunchtime. One of those days, a friend of Beatrice (Adelle’s Mistress) comes by hoping to have a romantic evening. Instead, he is up for a submission/domination surprise and gets a chance to take most active part in the action. Adelle once gain becomes a sex toy for pleasing the powerful Mistress and her guest.


Adelle gets her share of submission by standing on her knees, as Beatrice and Jacques have a rest and discuss their plans. Then it’s finally her time to suck cock, eat pussy and have her Mistress stimulate her erogenous zones. Adelle is getting the kick out of the process, pleasing Jacques with her insatiable mouth and obeying every word of her Mistress.