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Helluva Time

Posted by: bLOGismo on: February 22, 2012

Marisa decides to go to bed earlier than usual and is planning to enjoy a few hours of relaxing sleep. Instead, soon after closing her eyes Marisa finds herself in a room filled with fire and surrounded by stone pillars.

The girl realizes she is in Hell when Lucifer’s assistant Deviana welcomes her to the Hell and preps her for the appearance of the Master. Marisa can’t understand whether any of that is happening in reality, until Lucifer shows up and shoves his huge cock up her throat making the girl believe everything is as real as she could ever imagine! Infernal pain and a lot more is waiting for Marisa. This is a dream that doesn’t seem to ever come to an end!

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Welcome to the most stunningly brutal and rough 3D bondage and pain site you’ve ever visited. 3D BDSM Dungeon is where the ladies are submissive and treated as such. They are toys for their dominant masters and mistresses to enjoy. They suffer all sorts of brutal humiliations and they love it!
3D BDSM Dungeon
Don’t be sure that you know what real breathtaking 3D BDSM comics are like before you enter the realm of real pain and pleasure. Being a slave is a fate. Being a Master is a heavy duty. They all know their destination and do what they know the best. Draw your lot right now and either take a whip into your cruel hand or submit and plead for mercy!
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